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Future Furnaces & Technological Equipments

We work to implement emission reductions through more efficient machines that reduce the fossil fuels used in the production process, management of fugitive emissions, and reduction of water use, For example, Zhenhua Glass has already replaced carbon-intensive fuels such as diesel with natural gas since 2008 in order to reduce the carbon intensity of its operations. Zhenhua Glass' goal is to reduce the use of natural gas and achieve a more complete combustion by adding oxygen to the furnace combustion. And in order to further reduce the carbon footprint of our transported liquid oxygen, we cooperate with oxygen company to build an oxygen station in the Gaoya glass site (Suzhou).


The latest Goya No. 2 furnace is currently the largest furnace for the cosmetic and perfumery industry in China. The larger the furnace, the less natural gas is consumed on average per kilogram of glass produced. At the same time, we try to use other ways to reduce the usage of natural gas such as adopting electric melting rods.


The progressive electrification of zhenhua glass' three furnaces is a critical milestone in achieving zhenhua's goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 (Scope 1 and Scope 2). We will reconstruct the Gaoya (Suzhou) plant's No. 1 furnace from gas to electricity in 2025.

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