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Quality Assurance

From raw materials to finished products, only products with careful management and strict quality control can be delivered to customers.

We strive to maintain high quality by implementing process controls at every stage from raw materials to finished products.

The most important process of glass-forming is in the hot end, and we have trained 35 hot end technicians and 10 mold maintenance technicians through more than 20 years of effort. We also adopt the automated glass forming equipment from Emhart, Germany, in Gaoya glass second furnace. In addition, we also adopt the inspection equipment from France. Along with the complete quality inspection system, and the manual third inspection, we can make the defective rate less than 0.2%.

For glass decoration, we perform functional tests on all products to confirm compliance with customer standards, which include durability, severe temperature, extreme humidity, pressure test, friction test, capacity test, airtightness, aging, cap torque test, etc.

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