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PV Plant

Zhenhua & Gaoya try to use renewable energy, such as solar power, within our operations to improve energy and emissions performance. We are collaborating with State Grid in China for the implementation of solar energy over a period of 1 years, aiming at carbon neutrality of our electricity consumption for our Gaoya site (Suzhou).


Gaoya Glass has a total area of 800,000 ft*2 and a buildings area of 2,300,000 ft*2. The total investment is expected to be 3 million dollars to install 3 MWh (DC) of solar power, which is expected to provide the company with 4 million kWh of electricity per year.


In the first phase we  invested 2 million dollars to construct a 2MWp PV plant on the roof of the premises. The first phase of the PV plant will be connected to the grid in Sep 2022, and by then, 20 percent of Elegant Glass' electricity consumption will come from solar energy, reducing CO2 equivalent by 1,400 tons.


With the completion of the third phase of Gaoya's plant in February  2023, we will continue to invest in the construction of a new 1 MWp PV plant.

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